With Agata Sobol of Lexsential, Gianluca Pojaghi took part to the writing of the the volume L’arbitrato dopo la riforma Cartabia (Arbitration after the Cartabia reform), published in May 2024 by Zanichelli Editore S.p.A under the coordination of Arbitrando. The book addresses not only the novelties introduced with the reform, but also the peculiarities of the arbitral procedures in various subject matters.

Agata deals with arbitration in patent controversies, particularly within the Unified Patent Court (UPC), describing technical aspects of the procedures before the PMAC (Patent Mediation and Arbitration Centre) and the relevant strategic aspects.

Gianluca deals with arbitral controversies in the subject matter of copyright and, in particular, in the music world, analyzing the historical evolution of the legislation starting from the original provision of the Lieutenant Legislative Decree n. 440/45 and continuing on to the examination of the “CMO” directive (n. 2014/26), of the “Digital Market” directive (n. 2019/790) and of the dispute resolution procedures entrusted to the Italian Authority for Guarantees in Communications AGCOM.


Avv. Gianluca Pojaghi took part, together with the Colleagues of ALAI Italia, to the writing of the commentary to the Italian legislation (Legislative Decree n. 177/2021) of implementation of the European Directive on copyright and related rights in the Digital Single Market (n. 2019/790), addressing the issue of the participation of publishers and assignees to the compensation for the limitations to copyrights for private copying and reprography (art. 70-quinquies of the Italian Copyright Law).

The work was publishes by Giappichelli Editore in May 2024.




Parody exception under Italian Copyright and Trademark Law: Commento to the decision of the Italian Supreme Court n. 38165/2022





Short notes about plagiarism of musical work: Comment to the decision of the Court of Rome n. 3794/2022




Short notes about controversies between Italy and the US on copyright, 2019




Originally written by Avv. Giorgio Jarach in 1968, then adjourned in 1983 and 1991, the Manual is appreciated for the simple language and the plane style with which it addresses copyright. Renewed by Avv. Alberto Pojaghi in 2011, then again in 2014, the work safeguards the completeness of the original exposition and is presented with a rich and updated set of notes of case law and bibliographical references, together with an Appendix reproducing the major national and international texts of law, in addition to those pre-existing in Italy (1882 and 1925), the knowledge of which is useful for a comprehensive, historical and scientific view of the matter.





Written by Avv. Alberto Pojaghi with Settimio Paolo Cavalli and published by Editrice Bibliografica in 2003 and Mursia Editore in 2018, the Dictionary contains six hundred terms, from classical of copyright to juridical ones, illustrated and commented with punctual references to the corresponding articles of the copyright Law, the integral text of which is reproduced in the Appendix, with the relevant Regulation of execution, with an essential by exhaustive case law.